I am glad to welcome you to my store.

I really love what I do. I worked in the office for a long time and dreamed of sewing bears. I want to give beauty and smiles to people. I think that the toy is a special toy.
A teddy bear is a toy with a history that is a friend to millions of people around the world, a symbol of home comfort, childhood, peace and security. The toy is created on the model of the author from natural materials. I use professoinal high quality materials in my work and the antique plush. Each work is unique and one that can not be repeated, one of its kind, which makes it special. In my shop you can:
- buy ready-made toys;
- Order a toy with your wishes and initials;
- Order a copy of your pet;
- Order the product as shown in the picture.
I took part in the following exhibitions:
Modna Lalka 2017, Ukraine Kiev
Kreative 2018, Stuttgart
Teddy bear Total 2018, Munster
Modna Lalka 2018, Ukraine Kiev
Teddy Land 2018, Ukraine Kiev
Modna Lalka 2019, Ukraine Kiev
Modna Lalka 2020, Ukraine Kiev